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Battery Fence Energisers

B20 strip grazer energiser

Strip Grazer

Powers up to 2km. Operates from 4 x D cell batteries or a exteral 12 volt bttery

  • Designed for short runs of electric fencing
  • Portable and low battery use are the big features of this energiser
  • Designed to hang on the live fence wire. All wiring comes as standard
  • OK Pulse and low battery lights. Electronics are heavily coated to minimise failure due to moisture and insect damage


Download BD20 Instructions (PDF)
Download Brochure (PDF)



B120 energiser

Battery Energisers

       B20               powers up to 2km
       B60               powers up to 7.5km
       B120             powers up to 15km
  • Coated electronics to resist moisture and insects
  • Modular design. Pulse and low battery lights
  • This range is reliable and versatile - designed to operate in the harshest conditions
  • Powered by 12 volt D.C. battery, optional solar panel, or an optional A.C. Mains adaptor
  • Simply hangs on hot wire or tape, or can be screwed to a post
  • Comes with 12 volt D.C. lead, fence lead and earthlead
  • Microchip controlled for reliability and high performance

Developed to deliver reliable high performance animal control, at an affordable price

Download B20/B60/B120 Instructions (PDF)
Download Brochure (PDF)



Model Distance Stored Energy Battery
Low Battery
Voltage @
no load
Voltage @
1000 Ω
BD20 2 km 0.16 15 mA Yes - 5 W Yes 7.5 kv 1.7 kv
B20 2 km 0.33 33 mA Yes - 5 W Yes 7.1 kv 4.4 kv
B60 7.5 km 0.7 33 mA Yes - 5-8 W Yes 8.6 kv 5.9 kv
B120 15 km 1.5 105 mA Yes - 5-8 W Yes 8.7 kv 6.7 kv

All specifications are approximate only

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