Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems

Gateways, Switches & Signs

EF 15 signs

Double Sided Fence Signs:
EF-15 Electric Fence
EF-15A Keep Out
EF-15B Shut The Gate
EF-15D Beware Of The Dog

EF 49

EF 49 Flood Isolator
Reduces power loss when flood contacts the fence, prevents fence shorting out into floodway

EF 14 cut out switch

EF 14 cut out switch
Positive action. Stainless steel contacts.

EF 14S cut out switch

EF 14S Cut Out Switch
Swivel contact blade,
easy to view on/off function

EF 32SG Smooth grip gate handle

EF-32SG – Smooth grip gate handle - Gal spring and hook with large smooth grip handle

EF 32SGC Compression gate handle

EF-32SGC - Compression handle super strong trace spring with a large smooth grip handle

EF 32A Plastic hook handle

EF-32A – Plastic hook handle Completely insulated

Duplex Joiner

EF-102 Duplex Joiner

EF 152 Economy Gate Anchor

EF-152 - Economy Gate Anchor

EF 34B 3 way gate anchor

- 3 Way gate anchor with gal connection plate - Wood post

EF 34BS Plastic hook handle

EF-34BS – 3 Way anchor with gal connection plate—Steel post

EF 34BD 3 way gate anchor

EF-34BD - 3 Way anchor with gal connection plate—Steel post


All gate kits include 3 way gate anchor for wood post insulated spring handle and wood post insulator

EF 34C Spring gate kit

EF-34C - Spring gate kit — up to 5 meters with large gal spring

EF 110 Bungee gate

EF-110 - 7m Bungee gate
EF-110L - 11m Bungee gate
EF-115 - 50m Bungee gate

EF 46 Tape gate kit—

EF-46 – Tape gate kit — Up to 5 meters

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