Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems

Gateways, Switches & Signs

EF 15 warning sign

EF 15 Fence Warning Sign
Note: It is a legal requirement to
have warning signs at frequent intervals
where fence has public access
EF 14 cut out switch
EF 14 cut out switch
Positive action. Stainless steel contacts.
EF 34B gate anchor

EF 34B gate anchor
3 way gal plate
EF 32 gate handle
EF 32S gate handle
Galvanised spring and hook.
Large shield to prevent shock.
EF 32B super handle
EF 32B Compression handle
UV stabilized. Large sheilds
Super strong compression spring.
Compression configuration ensures
spring won’t stretch.
EF 32A insulated handle hook
EF 32A Plastic hook grip
Completely insulated.
EF 46 spring gate
EF 46 Tape gate
Up to 5 metre gateways. Includes adjustable buckles, 3 way anchor, handle and insulators.
EF 34c spring gate

EF 34C Spring gate
Includes large galvanised spring,
3 way anchor,handle and insulators
EF 105 40mm tape buckle end
EF 105 40mm tape buckle end

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