Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems

General Fence Accessories

EF-10K lightning diverter

EF-10A- adjustable lightning diverter
EF-10K lightning diverter

EF 49 flood isolator

EF-49 Flood Isolator
Reduces power loss when flood contacts the fence, prevents fence shorting out into floodway


EF 59 Single Fence Jumper lead

EF-59 Single Fence Jumper Lead
Ideal to parallel fence wires

EF 119 Triple Fence
Jumper Lead

EF-119 Triple Fence Jumper Lead
Insulated lead and clips. Ideal to parallel wires

EF 173 12V Battery

EF-173 12V Battery Lead 2.5mm jack with black and red insulated clips. Connects from energiser to battery

EF 171 & 172 Leads and Clip

EF-171 Green Earth Lead & Clip
EF-172 Red Fence Lead & Clip
Insulated clip with ring end for energiser terminals

EF 120-122 insulated clips

EF-121 Black Clip
EF-120 Red Clip
EF-122 Green Clip
Insulated clips

EF 430 Chain Wire Strainers

EF-430 Chain Wire Strainers



Earthing Kits & Accessories

EF 60 bentonite earth system

EF-60 Super Earth Kit
Contains bentonite and salt to improve soil conductivity around earth rod, stainless steel rod for long life

EF 70 gal 1mt earth stake

EF-70 Portable Galvanised Earth Stake
Hot dipped galvanised, 1000mm in length, T bar top for easy removal, Termination bolt included

     EF 126 earth clamp 12mm
EF-126 Earth Clamp
Fits 12mm rod, provides secure electronical connection



Fiberglass Fencing

EF 55-57 fibreglass post Ideal for temporary and permanent fencing
EF-55 1000mm x 10mm Fiberglass Posts
EF-54 1250mm x 10mm Fiberglass Posts
EF-56 1500mm x 10mm Fiberglass Posts
EF-57 10mm Galvanised Spring Clips
EF-51 Nylon Driver Cap

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