Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems

Helpful Hints

Radio Interference

Thunderbird energisers have radio interference suppression circuitry, however, problems can still occur from a number of causes.

Fault Finding Flow Chart

To start disconnect the energiser from the earth and fence.
Turn energiser ON
Does the Radio Click?

The problem is the mains power supply or the energiser. The problem is the earth or fence line.
  1. Make sure no loose connections are present on mains plugs and sockets of energiser or radio.
  2. Earth Radio and provide a better aerial to the radio.
  3. The mains power supply earth needs to be adequate.
  1. Improve energiser's earth (see earth testing data sheets).
  2. Be sure the energiser's earth is 10 metres away from the mains power earth.
  3. Make sure energiser's earth or earth wire is not in contact with a large amount of metal above the ground.
  4. All connections must be clamped tight on live and earth wires and have good connections to eliminate arcing.
  5. Do not run live wires along or close to phone lines.
  6. Check for arcing insulators or other arcs.

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