Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems


Steel Post Insulators

EF 18C steel post - claw

EF-18C steel post - claw
EF 18S Heavy Duty pinlock

EF-18S heavy duty pinlock
EF 18D steel post - pinlock, oval and round holes

EF-18D - pinlock for oval and round hole posts.

EF 18S Heavy Duty pinlock

EF18S heavy duty pinlock

EF 23L Long SteelPost Cap

EF-23L Long SteelPost Cap

EF 23S Steel Post Cap Insulator
EF-23S steel post cap insulator

EF 31B porcelain steel post

EF-31B porcelain steel post

EF 106 40mm tape steel post

EF-106 40mm tape steel post


Wood Post Insulators

EF 19 wood post pinlock
EF-19 wood post pinlock
EF 19C wood post claw

EF-19C wood post claw

EF 17 screw in wood post

EF-17 screw in wood post

EF 24 wood post staple
EF-24 wood post staple
EF-107 Screw On Insulator
EF-107 Screw On Insulator
EF 31A porcelain wood post

EF-31A porcelain wood post




Rod Post Insulators

EF 38i Rod Post Insulator

EF-38i Rod Post Insulator

EF 38iw Rod Post 40mm Tape Insulator

EF-38iw Rod Post 40mm Tape Insulator

End Strain Insulators

EF 16 plastic end strainer

EF-16 plastic end strainer

EF 16W super end strainer

EF-16W super end strainer
EF 25 porcelain end strainer
EF-25 porcelain end strainer
EF 26 porcelain reel
EF-26 porcelain reel

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