Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems


Kit comprises of

     1 x lightning choke spring
     1 x porcelain arrestor
     1 x end strain insulator
     2 x wire joint clamps

Lightning coming in contact with the insulated live wire and travelling back towards the energiser—slows down due to the choke spring and allows the spike to dissipate through the arrestor to earth. Install the kit on the first run of fencing 30 metres away from the energiser’s earth system. It is important that the earth system for the lightning kit be as good or better than the earth system used for the energiser.


Lightning Arrestor Layout


To maximise protection of your energiser— disconnect fence and earth wires from energiser, and unplug from power point during electrical storms. Install a mains surge filter to avoid spikes damaging your energiser coming through the A.C. supply.

Download Instructions (PDF)


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