Thunderbird Livestock Management Systems

Mains Fence Energisers


M30               powers up to 2km
M65               powers up to 7.5km
M125             powers up to 15km

  • Safety certified to Australian / New Zealand standards
  • OK pulse light flashes with each fence pulse
  • Tough, O-ring sealed, weatherproof case
  • SMD technology - for ultimate reliability
  • Lightning spark gap fitted - 6 months lightning warranty
  • Vacuum sealed transformer - provides a longer life
  • 2 years warranty
  • Made from quality components
  • Large fence terminal knobs, with incorporated stainless steel nuts

M30 Mains Energiser

Model Stored Energy Max Distance Voltage
@ No Load
@ 1000 Ω
Power Usage
M30 0.29 J 2.0 km 8.0 kV 2.8 kV 2.0 W
M65 0.83 J 7.5 km 7.8 kV 4.0 kV 3.0 W
M125 1.4 J 15 km 9.5 kV 6.1 kV 4.0 W

M360 Mains Energiser


M260               powers up to 25km
M360               powers up to 35km

Proven performers - with advanced engineering and electronics, resulting in reliable value products

  • All the features of itís smaller brothers - but with more power.
  • Able to supply more energy for longer fences and deliver higher voltages.
  • Safety is assured with the certification to the Australian / New Zealand standards.

Model Stored Energy Max Distance Voltage
@ No Load
@ 500 Ω
Power Usage
M260 2.2 J 25 km 8.7 kV 4.9 kV 5.0 W
M360 3.1 J 35 km 8.2 kV 5.3 kV 7.0 W


M650R               powers up to 60km
M1150R             powers up to 90km
M1680R             powers up to 130km

Remote Ready
Remote control (optional) turns energiser on or off from the fence line.
Digital Voltage Display
Displays voltage level being delivered to the fence line.

Higher powered models for those long fence lines with harsher environment conditions

  • Digital output voltage display
  • Remote control ready - handpiece can switch the energiser on or off from anywhere along the fence
  • High and low output terminals ó both can be used at the same time
  • Tough O-Ring sealed enclosure, Australian made
  • Power to control all types of livestock and feral animals
  • Certified to the Australian / New Zealand Standards
  • RFI suppression circuitry for minimum electrical interference
  • 2 years warranty plus 6 months lightning warranty
  • Quality components - SMD electronics and transformer is vacuum sealed

M-1680 energiser

Model Stored Energy Max Distance Voltage
@ No Load
@ 250 Ω
Power Usage
M650R 5.6 J 60 km 8.2 kV 5.1 kV 11 W
M1150R 10.9 J 90 km 8.2 kV 5.9 kV 18 W
M1680R 16.8 J 130 km 7.8 kV 5.6 kV 29 W


Please note - energiser distances are a guide only. Factors such as proximity of live wire(s) to earth or to other parts of a fence, distance of live wire run underground, thickness of wire and earth condition will affect the effective distance. Thunderbird recommend a minimum distance of 200mm between the live wire(s) and any other conductor, otherwise effective energiser distance is reduced.

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