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Electronic Stock Prodders

Cattle Prodders

THUNDERBIRD has released two new electronic stock prodders that delivers high performance, reliability and real value.

Both models come in 3 Shaft sizes - 295 mm, 545 mm and 800 mm

TS200 - 4 Cell

TS200 4 cell Shock Prodder

Download the TS200/TS250C Brochure



TS250C - Rechargeable

Thunderbird's TS250C uses an internal rechargeable battery for added convenience

TS250C - chargerTS250C - Rechargeable Shock Prodder

Thunderbird's T5250C prodders have a built in rechargeable battery.
The system can be charged by an A.C. Adaptor (supplied) or an optional cigarette lighter charger.

Download the TS200/TS250C Brochure

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