Hot Tape & Polywire

Poly Wire, The Poly Wire range uses 6 stainless steel wires and is ideal for short distances.

EF 40AW – 100m white
EF 40EO – 200m orange
EF 40EW – 200m white
EF 40DO – 500m orange

Hot Tape, Designed for short distances Hot Tape is 12mm wide, with 5 stainless steel wires. Highly visible woven design.

EF 40BO – 200m orange
EF 40BW – 200m white
EF 40CO – 400m orange
EF 40CW – 400m white
EF 40DW – 500m white
EF 41 – 100m x 40mm wide

Hot Tape & Poly Wire Specifications