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Our company, is totally committed to the research and development of our products. This ensures continued product development and improvement in performance, enabling us to remain a leader within the industry.

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We are Australia’s most progressive agricultural weighing and electric fence company in growth, development and affordability.

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We understand the harsh environmental conditions, we use this knowledge to develop products that perform at a high standard.

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Thunderbird has been an award-winning supplier of Electric Fence and Agricultural Weighing products over a number of years.

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Did you know that Thunderbird’s head office & manufacturing facility is based in Central West NSW

Thunderbird manufacture 70% of our products here in Mudgee and are proud to provide Australian farmers with quality Austrialian made products, for the harsh Australian conditions. We are proud to be the only Australian Made manufacturer on the market and will continue manufacture high quality Australian made products.

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Leader in agricultural weighing
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This is due to the in house tooling and die manufacturing teams working alongside the team of electronic design engineers. This formula delivers the best level of compatibility for all product components with consistent quality at the most affordable price.



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Animal Clipper

THUNDERBIRD is proud to introduce the new 12 volt rechargeable horse and cattle clipper hand piece, powered from a quality lithium ion battery. Offering portability and flexibility to clipping your animals anywhere, anytime.

Around 1.5 hours operation on each battery charge

240 volt charging system supplied - fast 2.5 hour charging

BONUS (extra) battery supplied, 4000mah lithium ion

Nicely balanced, low noise levels and low vibration design

Powerful 180 watt 12 Volt motor operating at 2800 RPM, with effective venting system

Tools supplied - brush, lubricating oil bottle and screwdriver for comb and cutter

Supplied with a spare comb and cutter

Convenient carry case supplied to keep everything tidy, together and protected

RHC-Blades - Top & Bottom blades for animal clipper

RSS- Battery - Replacement battery for RHC-12V & RSS-12V

Medium Mains / Battery Energisers

MB255 - 25km system

MB355 - 35km system

Thunderbird’s energiser features world class performance and benefits, with advanced surface mount electronics, for better control, fence performance and reliability. Thunderbird’s MB255 and MB355 fence energisers are ideal for small to mid sized farms.

Digital LCD display (3 functions displayed)

Mains or Battery powered, (A.C. Adaptor and D.C lead supplied)

Optional solar kit is available

Vacuum Sealed transformer, for better reliability and longer life

Quality Australian made product, with 2 years warranty

Lightning spark gap fitted —6 months warranty against lightning strikes

Tough, weatherproof O-ring sealed enclosure.

Strip Grazer

BD20 powers up to 2km. Operates from 4 x D cell batteries

Designed for short runs of electric fencing

Portable and low battery use are the big features of this energiser

Designed to hang on the live fence wire. All wiring comes as standard

OK Pulse and low battery lights. Electronics are heavily coated to minimise failure due to moisture and insect damage



Solar Powered Energisers
Radio Interference
Safety Requirements
Strip Grazing
Training Livestock
Wire Connections
Wire Spacing
Post Spacing

Solar Powered Energisers

Position mounting post(s) securely into ground (concrete if possible) in an area free of shading or possible mechanical damage, near the middle of the fence line. Use galvanised or 8′ steel star post (galvanised is recommended).

Carefully mount solar panel and frame to post(s), tighten U-bolt securely. Face panels to the equator (face panel north if in southern hemisphere).

Connect solar panels + (red) to energisers (+) then connect solar panel – (black) to energiser (-) terminals. Then connect battery leads + (red) energiser (+) and connect – (black) to energiser (-) terminals.

Connect energiser to the earth system and insulated fence.

Radio Interference

Thunderbird energisers have radio interference suppression circuitry, however, problems can still occur from a number of causes.

Fault Finding Flow Chart

To start disconnect the energiser from the earth and fence.
Turn energiser ON
Does the Radio Click?


The problem is the earth or fence line.

  1. Make sure no loose connections are present on mains plugs and sockets of energiser or radio.
  2. Earth Radio and provide a better aerial to the radio.
  3. The mains power supply earth needs to be adequate.


The problem is the mains power supply or the energiser.

  1. Improve energiser’s earth (see earth testing data sheets).
  2. Be sure the energiser’s earth is 10 metres away from the mains power earth.
  3. Make sure energiser’s earth or earth wire is not in contact with a large amount of metal above the ground.
  4. All connections must be clamped tight on live and earth wires and have good connections to eliminate arcing.
  5. Do not run live wires along or close to phone lines.
  6. Check for arcing insulators or other arcs.

Safety Requirements

  1. Only one energiser may be connected to a fence.
  2. Barbed wire MUST NOT be electrified.
  3. Energisers should, if possible, be installed inside a building in a position free from the risk of mechanical damage. If mounted outdoors, they should be mounted on a substantial structure in a position free from mechanical damage.
  4. Each energiser should be connected to a separate earthing peg, at least 10 metres away from any other earthing device.
  5. Fence lines crossing beneath overhead power lines should be avoided wherever possible. If such a crossing cannot be avoided, it should be made underneath the power lines and as nearly as possible at right angles to it.
    If an electric fence has to be installed in the vicinity of an overhead power line, the vertical distance between any fence wire or connecting lead and surface of the earth should not exceed 2 metres.
  6. Fence wiring should be so installed that it is well away from telephone or telegraph line or radio aerials.
  7. An electric fence, when installed in such a position that members of the public might reasonably be expected to touch it, should be identified by suitable signs clamped to conductor or fastened to the post at intervals at regular intervals. The signs should have a size of 200mm x 100mm. The inscription on the sign should take the form of either the symbol below of the words “ELECTRIC FENCE”. Any lettering should have a height of at least 25mm. It is recommended that the basic colour of the sign be yellow inscription.
  8. Where the energiser is to supply a system of conductors used for detering birds from roosting on buildings, no conductor should be connected to earth. A switch should be installed to provide a means of isolating the controller from all poles of the supply and clear warning notices should be fitted at every point where persons may have ready access to the conductors. The notice shall be the same as that described in No. 7 (above).
  9. In Bush Fire high risk times, it is advisable to power the energiser from the low power terminals or switch the unit off.
  10. DO NOT store flammable goods near an electric fence because if a fault is present a spark can be produced.

    Strip Grazing

    Get the most out of your crops and pastures

    Benefits of Strip Grazing

    • Higher producing pastures
    • Higher stock rates
    • No more stock camps
    • Reducing worm infestation
    • Faster pasture regrowth


    • Poly tape and poly wire are only recommended for short runs, for longer runs use 1.6mm gal wire.
    • Always be sure to have a portable, moveable livestock water supply.
    • Back fence the previously grazed area for early grass regrowth.

    Training Livestock

    In order for animals to realise the fence line represents a shocking jolt, they need to discover an electric fence in their own time in a holding paddock for several days. If done correctly, animals will respect an electric fence and stay clear of it. Use offset wires, install the fence around the height of the animal’s nose and earth the non insulated wires to earth stake system.

    Helpful Points

    • Use a large energiser in order to produce a powerful shock.
    • Allow plenty of room for horses and deer to run.
    • Allow time before taking out of holding paddock.

      Wire Connections

      1. Cut out switch
      2. End strain insulator
      3. Wire joint clamp
      4. Underground live leadout wire
      5. Underground earth leadout wire
      6. Electric fence warning sign

      To reduce voltage loss parallel all wires by joining live wires together as well as all earth wires together, at each end of the strain.

        Wire Spacing

            Post Spacing

              The post spaces can vary on the type of country and number of fence wires used. The concept is to keep the wires the same distance apart from each other and the ground to avoid shorts.


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