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T30 WEIGHING SYSTEM Instruction Manual
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Thundersoft Version 2.5 Software

Thundersoft 2.5 software is for database and data transfer from the ES 6000 electronic scales and our Electronic ID reader. Thundersoft 2.5 is compatible with Windows XP / Vista, 7 & 8/8.1.

To download the thundersoft2.5.exe click the download button above. (File size approx. 140mb.)

Once the file is downloaded, copy the thundersoft2.5.exe file to an empty folder and double click on the thundersoft2.5.exe. This will extract the contents of this self extracting file into the same folder (unless you choose another).

To install the Thundersoft Version 2.5, double click on the thundersoft_Installer.exe file and follow the prompts. You will require Administrator rights.

Thundersoft 2.5. requires Microsoft .NET framework version 4. This may not be installed on some earlier 64 bit Windows (Vista and Windows 7) and so Thundersoft 2.5 may not run on these computers until it is installed. If this is the case, or you have problems running the software, it is recommended that the latest .NET framework be installed. The link is below.

Thunderbird Pheonix Version 1.2 Software 

To install the program, download the tbphoenix_setup120.exe file and run it by double clicking on the tbphoenix_setup120.exe file.

Simply follow the installation prompts.

To download the tbphoenix_setup120.exe click the download button above. (File size approx. 995kb.)

Thunderbird Pheonix Software Version 1.2 can communicate with the Electronic Ear Tag Reader (no longer available) and the suprceeded Ultrascale III. Thunderbird Pheonix Software Version 1.2 is Microsoft Vista compatible

Note: If you have an earlier version of the Thunderbird Pheonix software, please uninstall it before installing this new version.

S20 / S20B / S40 / S40B / S70 / S150 Instructions
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Electric Fence Manual
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